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We seek to add value to your business for years to come with our Brand Development service. Whether you’re a new enterprise or you’re an existing business in need of a new visual identity; our bespoke packages ensure that you have everything you need to take on the world and have a message for your brand that is creative, meaningful and inspiring. Our service is comprehensive and will equip you with everything you need to put your best foot forward and take on the world!

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web design

Our focus is on enhancing human experiences through the thoughtful application of design and technology, adding value and improving customer satisfaction. We build online experiences which are intuitive, responsive and help you to achieve your goals; whether it's to generate leads, sell products or raise brand awareness. It doesn’t stop there either. Our analytics give us access to masses of data which we use fine tune your service so you’re always running at optimal performance.


graphic design

If you need a reliable, affordable way to elevate your organisation with design, look no further. Our UK-based team can handle any request you throw at them and will go the extra mile to ensure you've got everything you need to shake up your industry, maximise your revenue and attract all the right people!

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we are a creative digital agency based in Lincoln, UK. here's some of our latest work.

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founder / managing director

Founder of Attract, Georgi brings the marketing expertise to the operation. With a focus design and a passion for refining online user experiences, he hopes to use his understanding to bring innovation to businesses and help them to grow online. Meticulous about detail, his skills were perfected through working on his own projects and working in the industry.


co-founder / managing director

Co-Founder of Attract, Tanvir breaks down sales processes, buying behaviours and business strategy into a science. He is a skilled digital marketer with a flair for written content and a keen eye for visuals. With exceptionally high presentation standards and an obsession with refining and improving customer experiences, he’s a great guy to have on your side. 

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senior graphic designer

Spiro creates brands and design experiences from scratch, and embodies the perfect combination of creative flair and technical skill. He has worked in the industry for more than 8 years and takes great pride in having worked with clients all around the world, creating stunning graphical content that has helped to build brands and grow businesses.



Laura is a copywriter and content creator who has a vast range of experience in producing unique and engaging online content, from blog posts and articles to social media campaigns and SEO optimised website copy. Laura’s degree is actually in Fine Art but has always had a passion for writing, and has been producing copy and social content for over 10 years.

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graphic designer

Andy is a talented graphic designer with a broad range of skills ranging from visual identity design to freehand illustration, publication design to product packaging, and he does a cracking job with motion video too! Andy joined us after working at the University of Lincoln so he is no stranger to the presentation standards required of an award-winning organisation.


web developer

Usman is a full-stack web developer with over 10 years of experience in the field. Usman holds a masters degree in Computer Science and  is experienced with many programming languages including PHP, HTML5, CCS3, JavaScript, MYSQL, Bootstrap and MVC Framework. Usman is experienced in all aspects of the development cycle and responsible for all coding and site maintenance.

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