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the client.

VOLLT is a Humberside-based EV enablement company, offering complete EV charging solutions for businesses nationwide. VOLLT seeks to help businesses to implement a total electric vehicle ecosystem solution through an end-to-end service that includes strategy, solution design, installation, management, energy provision and financing. VOLLT wanted to establish an image of being trustworthy and no-nonsense and use a voice that would appeal to decision makers within multiple industries.

the brand.

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We provided VOLLT with a comprehensive brand that includes logos, colours and a graphical style that is in line with their mission, values and vision, enabling them to create their own niche as a B2B provider in the rapidly growing EV charging sector.

The logo incorporates an electrical plug, a charged battery and a plus sign to reinforce the purpose of the business. We used colours and design elements that signify both financial growth as well as environmental responsibility.

the website.

We created a clean, modern website showcasing the products and services offered by VOLLT in a way that is easy to navigate and promotes information that would be important to their target audience, including pages about government grants specifically for businesses and many points of contact that make it easy for site visitors to get in touch with the VOLLT team. This simple intuitive design is created with busy people in mind who want easy to digest facts, practical information and a straightforward path to their own EV charging solutions.

vollt website
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social media marketing.

When planning VOLLT’s social media campaign, we aimed to reinforce the no-nonsense, ‘Plain English' tone of the brand to establish trust with the target audience and be in line with other communications.

Posts are focused on several main areas, including raising brand awareness, driving traffic to the website, establishing VOLLT as a thought leader in the EV charging industry, and driving positive sentiments about electric vehicles in general. Over time this pivoted to raising awareness of EV charging as a potential revenue stream for businesses.

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client testimonial

"Georgi and his team are providing some amazing technical and design services across my portfolio of companies and 'wow' do they deliver!

It's rare I feel compelled to call a supplier mid-task and call them 'a f...ing genius' but In Georgi's case that exactly what I did last Friday! Need I say more?"

Paul Luen - Managing Director

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