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SuperFOIL are the UK's leading manufacturer of multi-foil insulation and sell their high-performance products all over the world. A huge portion of their revenue is generated through online sales, through their own website and ecommerce platforms like Amazon and Ebay. We have a long-standing partnership with SuperFOIL and help them to optimise their online sales, and in the design of their labels and packaging.

the photography.

SuperFoil approached us because some of their online listings were underperforming due to their outdated content. We offered professional product photography and optimised on their product listings to increase online sales. The images we created for them incorporated graphic design and infographics and we took great care to demonstrate the features and benefits of their products. We even carried out keyword research and optimised their listings for increased visibility.

graphic design.

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With a large catalogue of products, SuperFOIL require regular updates and management of their digital content. We offered them a bespoke Content Creation package which covers everything from design of labels and packaging, graphics for their website, custom vector logos and more.

All of SuperFoil's graphical tasks are managed on a daily basis, to the highest professional standard. Our client is excited for the opportunities our service presents to them in keeping their business looking sharp and on-trend. Our service helps them to gain the competitive edge in their industry, so they can focus on doing what they do best!



striving towards results

the outcome.

SuperFOIL managed to improve their online sales revenue and continue to experience the benefits of our services. Our monthly design service helps them to handle all design tasks so they can focus on being the best at what they do. We value the longstanding partnership we have with SuperFOIL and consider our services to form a key part of their operations and their growth. 

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