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hoppin' rabbit.

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the home of French craft beer.

Hoppin' Rabbit, is the UK's first importer dedicated to French craft beer. As the craft beer industry continues to explode in the UK, it is very much the same story across The Channel as inspired French breweries flood the market with innovative, delicious craft beer products. Bringing the beer to the UK is only part of the challenge: competition for taps is fierce, so winning over retailers, pubs and bars presented some real challenges. 

Hoppin’ Rabbit were struggling for some time to establish a strong brand identity and online presence. We offered them full brand development, a redesign of their website and strategic digital marketing through social media and email. The goal was to win over consumers and retailers alike whilst generating and nurturing new prospects for them to sell to. 

the brand.


We gave Hoppin’ Rabbit a crisp new brand identity which incorporated their company colours and a graphic. They wanted to include a rabbit and some hops into their logo, but still maintain a professional, corporate appearance for their clients.

The logo needed to be on-trend, in order to appeal to a market which is currently at the height of trends and focussed on younger, higher-spending clientele.

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the website.

We gave Hoppin’ Rabbit an all new interactive, brochure-style website. We filled it with professional written and photographic content for them and found ways to keep the navigation intuitive and fun.

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the marketing.

Through attending trade shows and fairs, Hoppin' Rabbit gained a huge amount of exposure to potential future clients and their email addresses. We set them upon for success with MailChimp and designed winning campaigns that were designed to inform, entertainand inspire action, thereby helping them to generate sales.

The biggest challenge faced by Hoppin' Rabbit was connecting with their audience and using their assets to gain clients. Our work on their social media accounts gave them high-quality content to share and build a following. We then helped them to communicate with their audience to generate enquiries and sales.

striving towards results

the outcome

Our digital marketing work for Hoppin’ Rabbit has seen some incredible results. We gave them a powerful, confident new voice to communicate with customers with, and this has driven their engagement, lead generation and sales revenue. Social media accounts have seen phenomenal increases in growth and engagement and their mailing list is the most responsive we have ever seen!  

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