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Cademi approached us with a gargantuan challenge: the launch of an e-learning platform with the scope to go global! Also known as the Holistic Learning Platform (HLP), Cademi seeks to disrupt the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) sector by giving businesses all the tools they need to help employees focus on their personal and professional growth!

Cademi needed help putting their best foot forward, and approached us at the start of their journey. We immediately got involved with the translation of their vision into a brand. This led to the design and build of their website; a user-experience focussed online funnel, designed to convert site visitors into Cademi advocates. After this, we took on the creation of all of their graphical assets, which they use daily to bring new users to their platform. Using the tools we have provided Cademi has been full steam ahead and signed some big clients, such as John Lewis!

the brand.


Cademi came to us with the need for a brand that would appeal to three very different, professional audience profiles: corporate entities with big workforces, educational institutions and individuals concerned with personal growth.

The challenge was to create something that would appeal to all three of these profiles, whilst still allowing Cademi to stand out among a competitive e-learning space with some big players.

The brand we created for Cademi was high-impact and versatile. We opted for a modern logo that made use of the 'brain' logo mark that merged with the dot on the 'i' of 'Cademi'.

The logo is highly effective in a number of colours and gave rise to a beautiful secondary palette of colours that could be used with the brand. Cademi were incredibly pleased with their brand, and so were we!

the website.

Cademi's website is a tool used to convert site visitors into raving fans of their product. We created a website for them that is highly interactive and clearly breaks down the complexities of their platform without overwhelming visitors with information. From razor-sharp pricing presentation to a complete resource centre, we gave Cademi all the tools required of an international e-learning brand.

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the graphic design.

Following the launch of their brand, the team at Cademi were in need of a full roster of resources they could use when dealing with both prospective clients and paying clients. This included everything from quote presentation packs to invoice templates.

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Through use of our Limitless Graphic Design Service, we were able to offer incredible value to the Cademi team and continue to offer them the high standards we had already established in the brand and website.

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But on a serious note, if you want a brand partner, a website partner, a social media partner, a graphic design partner, and you will notice that I am using the word "partner" because this is what these guys are! They will be an extension of your organisation. They will know more about your brand that you know, they will care as much as your brand as you do! And that's what you want when you decide to choose an agency to work with, and that's all I can say about these guys! So if you are looking for an agency look no further than We Are Attract!"

Kevin Gillespie - Marketing Director

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