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the client.

It has never been more important to stand out in a busy food & drink market, so we were really excited by the challenge when dessert experts, Sinple Treats, approached us to take a look at their brand. Founder, Adam Parnell, plans to roll Sinple Treats out nationwide through a franchising model, so a strong brand identity is somewhat imperative for him.

Needless to say, we absolutely nailed it. Not only did we deliver the killer visuals Sinple Treats were looking for; we were able to support them with market research, brand strategy and a full suite of design products. This then led to running their social media and advertising, and most recently, the design of a whole new website interface and restaurant!

the brand.

Deciding how to approach the Sinple Treats brand was especially scientific. We engaged the team and interviewed their loyal customers. We identified a leaning towards women aged 25-45, but also a need to be inclusive of male and family audiences. We helped Sinple to define its purpose, its audience, message and value proposition.

We then crafted half a dozen original brand design concepts, each of which presented a different direction. These were whittled down over a series of sessions, until one a clear winner was identified. This was then expanded into a smorgasbord of branded materials, ranging from menus and packaging, to uniforms and stationary. 


We were given the responsibility of launching the new Sinple Treats brand to the world - a fun project to say the least! Our organic social media strategy was designed to drive engagement among an existing audience and build brand loyalty. With posts, reels and stories going out on a daily basis, Sinple’s engagement is through the roof!

The real impact to the business has been felt however, through our paid social media strategy. We can’t help but feel a bit smug when we hear, week-on-week, that they have achieved their best sales week ever! Our work has now expanded to newer Sinple Treats branches in other locations, where we are seeing similar success.

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UI design

Our crown jewel so far in the Sinple journey has been the design of the user interface for their new website/ordering platform. In partnership with Vita Mojo, we have developed a stunning interactive user experience for Sinple Treats that not only delights users with the visuals, but also maximises cart sizes and customer loyalty.

Our work included the photography of their full product range (which was an especially tasty affair) and resulted in the interfacing of an in-store kiosk, as well as a website. Within the confines of the Vita Mojo platform, we were able to maintain the excitement of the Sinple brand, whilst doing the very important job of getting them to place a nice big order!

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Sinple Vita UI

client testimonial

"From our first meeting to the complete rebrand of my business and all the ongoing graphical & creative work in between and yet still to come, working with Attract has been far better than I could have ever expected. So to any entrepreneur or small business owner looking for that differentiator in their industry, I highly urge you to reach out and work with Attract!"

Adam - Business owner

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