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COPTRZ are the UK's leading commercial drone experts. They offer high-tech drone solutions to the Ministry of Defence, emergency services, universities, surveyors, media and much more. They offer complete solutions for businesses, and deliver accredited training courses all around the world.

We were approached by COPTRZ after a need for high-quality graphic design support arose within their marketing team. They employ a dozen digital marketers, all of whom have complex needs in creative assets they can use to help the company continue to turn over millions of pounds every year.

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COPTRZ require high quality materials for them to continue to stand head and shoulders above their competitors. They have a very active marketing team who work hard every day to ensure they are running successful campaigns to high profile clientele such as government bodies.

Our relationship with COPTRZ manifested in us behaving almost as their in-house design team. With access to unlimited graphic design through our Limitless service, COPTRZ are able to keep producing materials at the rate they are needed.

Having experience graphic design services from other companies previously, COPTRZ were amazed at the consistency and quality of our graphics. Each one of our outputs has nailed their brief and allowed them to continue to take on the industry and take COPTRZ global!

We are especially pleased with our continued relationship with COPTRZ and look forward to facing new challenges together!

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coptrz academy.

COPTRZ Academy is a subsidiary of COPTRZ and is the UK's biggest educational institution associated with drone technology. Such has been the growth of COPTRZ that the training school has branched into its own separate entity! We were approached by COPTRZ to assist them in creating a brand which can run parallel to their parent brand, whilst helping them convey their authority in being an institution of learning.

New brand book

the brand.

Our first challenge was to create a brand which was close enough to COPTRZ for it to continue to maintain the associations with the parent brand. We achieved this by developing their existing colour palette.

This 'CA' monogram is akin to the 'university' feel of the brand, and helps individuals and companies to feel affiliated with a learning mentality and look towards a brighter future with drone technology!

client testimonial

"Working with Attract is super easy and stress free, the processes that they've got in place make everything seamless! From submitting a brief to getting the final product it's so easy. The quality of work is always incredible, it's flawless, regardless if we know exactly what we want or if we have no idea what we want and we just let them take creative control. It's always amazing... every time! Big thank you to the guys at We Are Attract, I can't wait to work with you on more projects! 

Chelsi Smith - Project Manager

"Attract aren’t just a supplier they are an extension of our Marketing Team. Working with them is effortless and stress free. The design output always hits the brief, we wouldn’t want to work with anyone else!"

Hayley Smith - Marketing Manager

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