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The Greater Lincolnshire Engineering And Manufacturing (GLEAM) Network is a joint project between the University of Lincoln, the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership (GLLEP) and Business Lincolnshire. It seeks to drive local industry by supporting collaboration and knowledge sharing among leadership teams and required an especially compelling brand to achieve its mission.

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GLEAM updated brand guidelines

Our rebrand of the GLEAM Network saw a transformation from its original title, the 'GLMN'. Over a series of workshops we were able to hone in on the mission, the vision and the audience with whom the network was trying to connect.

Our design process took cues from the world of manufacturing and engineering, making use of geometric patterns and tech-inspired script. We also took steps to consolidate upon the Lincolnshire-based identity of the network.

graphic design.

The GLEAM Network required a series of launch assets, followed by exhibition materials and branded collateral for merchandise. We offered our Limitless Graphic Design service since it offered the greatest versatility and value for money, and ensured the GLEAM brand was translated perfectly into a series of assets they could use time and time again.

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"We really love the new GLEAM brand! It's a big improvement on the old one and we're looking forward to working further with Attract in the future!"

Sarah Eyre - Project Co-Ordinator

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