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Student Enterprise is a department of the University of Lincoln dedicated to supporting graduate and student startups. They offer funding, mentoring and guidance to young entrepreneurs and freelancers as part of the University's proposition to its students. The University of Lincoln is ranked by The Times as a Top 10 university for graduate startups!

Student Enterprise was struggling to engage with its audiences or gain the uptake it required for its programmes. We helped them to find an explosive new identity. We applied this identity across an interactive web experience and social media content. We also conducted market research for them and used the findings to really fine-tune their messaging!

the brand.

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The Student Enterprise brand needed to be approachable for 18-25 year olds whilst appealing to their professional sensibilities. The idea was to inspire young people and bring out their entrepreneurial streak!

We used dynamic colours and gradients to modernise this brand and keep the appeal universal. Use of photography allowed us to create content that was relatable.

The brand we created for Student Enterprise made use of an "s: and an "e" within the same emblem. The combination of these elements is especially pleasing!

The logo works in a range of modern, bright colours, which were specially chosen to appeal to a young audience. It works both within block colours and gradients, making this an incredibly versatile brand.

the website.

Student Enterprise's website was optimised for mobile, as their audience is a generation especially glued to their phones. We applied the brand in a fun, interactive way and used bold elements to create unique visual cues. We had a lot of fun applying Student Enterprise's colour palette and using textures. Conversion tools were embedded, including Calendly, and Student Enterprise's website quickly became their most productive online channel.

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social media

Since the launch of their brand, we have supported Student Enterprise with co-ordination of their social media. We have created high-quality, branded social media content and our service has included planning, designing, captioning and posting. Student Enterprise do especially well on Instagram, and social media has been a key tool in helping them to reach their audience.

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client testimonial

"Working with Attract has been a game changer for Student Enterprise. We're the most visible name on campus now and the brand is a lot of fun. We're delighted with the new website, which has already generated some good leads. We'd highly recommend working with Attract if you need to make an impact!"

Mikey Coulson - Student Enterprise Co-Ordinator

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