so you want to be a good copywriter?

We have collaborated with Remote Resource to bring you some industry top tips to help you become a better copywriter!

By Tanvir Hassan

So you want to be a first-rate copywriter?

Or, perhaps you need to drive extra traffic to your blog posts?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! 

Here are our top tips for becoming a copywriting hero:

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We have compiled some advice to get you thinking and help you through the present challenges and to set you up for the future:

1.  Set a shorter word count

When we’re passionate about what we’re writing about its easy to get carried away!

To stay focused on the task in front of you, set a shorter word-count.

You have to catch your audience’s eye and using long prose can do precisely the opposite. So pack a punch with your words, by saying more with less!

2. Focus on grammar

Make sure your grammar is on-point.

By this, we’re referring to punctuation, word sequence, sentence structure, etc. The quality of your grammar can make or break your work, so it’s imperative to get it right! 

To help you with this, download software like Grammarly. This works wonders for helping you fix spelling and grammar mistakes while you’re writing.

3. Forget about academic writing

Academics who may or may not be proficient writers! Source: University of Lincoln

Sure, grammar is essential. But business doesn’t require the elaborate wording and intricate prose that academic writing yearns for.

Instead, when it comes to copywriting, the simpler, the better. Of course, you have to use a writing style that appeals to your audience. Sometimes this requires you to break the rules of academic writing to allow you to produce text that’s more conversational, relaxed and easy to read.

4. Use white space

White space is a copywriter’s best friend, it makes your writing more enjoyable to read and easier to take in.

No-one wants to face a block of text, so break it up into paragraphs. This is crucial for alleviating the strain on your eyes and brain!

5. Use subheadings

Use subheadings to make sections of your work stand-out.If your viewer needs to skim read your web page, the subheadings are most likely what they’ll take in. Your subheadings communicate to the reader what each section of your work pertains to, therefore, making it easier to pick and choose the parts they want to read.

6. Edit

Be ready to edit your work multiple times.

Whether this is before, during or after consulting your client- things happen, opinions change, new ideas form, etc. So keep up with your edits, to ensure you produce the best possible piece of content.

7. Be credible

Everybody remembers Jim Carrey is Liar, Liar! but we’re pretty sure nobody wants to be him!

Never, makeup statistics or facts to try and get your audience’s attention. Always fact-check your work to ensure you’re a reliable source of information for those wishing to seek it. Also, don’t forget to hyperlink your source for wherever you found your facts. Not only is it good practice to acknowledge the initial source, but it also shows the reader that you’ve got your facts from somewhere reputable. 

8. Use the PAR method

Writer’s block is a copywriter’s worst enemy. So use the PAR method to snap you out of it. 

Firstly, try to relate to your audience and their problem. Then make this problem all-consuming, to help get your audience passionate about their pain and excited that you understand. Only then should you give them a solution. It works every time. 

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This blog was produced in collaboration with Remote Software Developer Service: Remote Resource, and producers of Comfortable Shoes: Jhuti.

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